Friday, October 31, 2014

Vintage Advertisement for "Creepy" Magazine

Boris Karloff in "Frankenstein...1970"

LINK: Vintage Halloween Cards

Hallmark's Monster Mash Card Game

The cute number monsters are from an old Hallmark card game - Monster Mash

Google Has Created Six Google Doodles for Halloween 2014!!!!

Click on the this link to see the animated Halloween doodles....

Tweety and Sylvester (Gold Key Comic, 1977) HALLOWEEN comic "Witch Cat is Which?"

The Little Monsters (Gold Key Comic, 1974) - "The Unamusement Park"

Here is another Little Monsters amusement park story...This time dad goes to the park with the kids...

House Of Mystery (DC Comics) - "The Monster of Darkwood Down" & "Dead Wrong"