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Bryan Fuller Talks About The Artistic Significance of Will's Vomit in Hannibal's Season 1 Finale "Savoureux"

TV Guide interviewed Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller about the season 1 finale.  Fuller goes into detail about Will Graham vomiting up a human ear in the season 1 finale.


Some people might look at this screen shot and think they are seeing a kitchen sink containing a vomited up human ear and pills.  According to Bryan Fuller's interview, this is part of his grand artistic vision.  

Somebody frame this work of art.
From the inteview: 
It was something that I knew was going to happen, even before I started writing the pilot. The last run of episodes was going to [have] Will Graham throwing up an ear, fearing that he had eaten somebody. Initially it was a finger, [but] I just thought, 'There's not as much chew time for a finger as there is an ear.' [Laughs] It was a really great destination to drive to and one of those kind of sparks of inspiration.
"Great destination"!!!  "Sparks of inspiration"!!!  He's talking about a sink filled with vomit, people. It's not the Sistine Chapel.

Fortunately, the interviewer asked the key question:  "Speaking of what we don't see, how did Hannibal get the ear in Will's stomach?"
Hannibal is a wily guy. [Laughs] As a storyteller, I have to have an answer in reality. On one hand, I could see a version of Hannibal sneaking into Will's house with an ear on a stick and pushing it down his throat. On the other hand, as a lover of horror and sci-fi and quasi-supernatural storytelling, I love the explanation that Hannibal is a devil. But that was not Thomas Harris' intention. So, he has to have been physically able to accomplish that in some manner. If we did something where it was sort of magical, then I think we would lose our grip on reality. That's something I think is very important to maintain, out of respect for the audience and also the character and his origins. But in my mind, I love the greater mythology of Hannibal being a very punitive devil.
I think Fuller has lost his grip on reality. He is constantly choosing style and drama over substance. You've got to think these things through logically or you run the risk of looking foolish.  People (me) are still wondering how an aging Lance Henriksen hoisted the dead body totem pole on the beach. And how did the "living dead girl" break into Will's house and hide under the bed without one of Will's menagerie of dogs barking? All of these loose ends are adding up and getting very distracting. In short, it is not a "great destination" if you don't know how you got there.

If Hannibal did sneak into Will's house with an ear on a stick and push it down his throat, film the scene. If it was a magical stick pushing the ear down Will's throat, show it. Why have the same few characters have the same few conversations? Why have the elk visions all the time?  Shake it up a bit.

Imagine with this "auteur" could do with a toilet. 

Cue up the theme music to "That's Entertainment."  

1979 Ad "Genuine Soil from Dracula's Castle with Certificate of Authenticity"

1977 Ad for "Planet of the Apes Hollywood Masks"

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REVIEW PENDING: Re-Reading "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris

Since the first season of NBC's "Hannibal" has ended, I am going to re-read the book where Hannibal Lecter is introduced to the world for the first time.

I read it in the 1980s and this is the only part I remember.  It is Freddy Lounds (pictured below) with his lips bitten off, set on fire, and rolled down the street in a wheelchair. It's kind of a hard image to shake off.

No, it is not the Fantastic Four's Human Torch in the wheelchair.

REVIEW: Hannibal (NBC) "Savoureux" Season 1 Finale or "Friends, Romans, Countrymen...and Abigail Hobbs"

UPDATE: Bryan Fuller Interview About Season Finale

Season 1 is officially over.  This means that a lot of elk wranglers will be out of work this summer. Honestly, the elk imagery on this show is at the "beat a dead horse" level. Enough.

The show opens with Will dreaming about an elk with a man's head.  (See below).  If I had these kinds of dreams, I would avoid sleep at all costs by drinking coffee by the gallon.

When Will wakes up from his gruesome nightmare, Will vomits up a human ear in his kitchen sink.  He calls Hannibal Lecter for help (bad idea) which quickly leads to Will's arrest for the murder of Abigail "Freckles" Hobbs.

The "Encyclopedia Brown" Syndrome
I do not like this version of the Will Graham character. He is constantly miserable. He seems very weak-minded and always caves in when his boss, Jack Crawford, is pushing him to his limits.  Will goes around telling other characters things like "I don't trust myself to know what is real." They shouldn't let him drive a car, let alone hunt down serial killers.

Will Graham, and later Dr. Lecter, have what I call "The Encyclopedia Brown" syndrome.  The police have to go to Will (and later Dr. Lecter) because he is the ONLY person who can possibly crack the case.  You have to accept this premise, if you are going to enjoy the "Hannibal" universe.

What would Thomas Harris' books Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs be without having Dr. Lecter as a consultant?  Unlike miserable Will Graham, Dr. Lecter gets a kick out of investigating gruesome serial murders. He loves to play mind games with the investigators ("quid pro quo") and he enjoys trading information for small freedoms and privileges. 

Again with the handcuffs? 

Haven't we learned anything from Dr. Gideon?  We saw two episodes where the same middle-aged, somewhat out of shape man busted free from handcuffs and went on a killing spree. What are the odds of Will, who looks as frail as a 90 year old woman with brittle bone disease, busting out of the handcuffs?

Will in handcuffs
You won't believe what happens next...
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REVIEW: Hannibal (NBC) "Releves" ...And That's Why You Never Comb Your Hair in an Oxygen Chamber

Poor Georgia Madchen.  The "living dead girl" died a fiery death in an oxygen chamber on this week's Hannibal.  The spark was caused by her combing her hair with a plastic comb.

Too bad Georgia didn't have a J. Walter Weatherman (Arrested Development) in her life.  This one-armed man worked with George Bluth to set up dramatic scenarios to teach George's children life lessons. In each scenario, he "loses" his right arm when he breaks one of George's rules. Kids, if you yell / leave the door open when the air conditioner is on / don't leave a note... you will lose your arm.

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Vintage 1979 "The Star Wars Question and Answer Book About Space" (Scholastic)

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DARTH MAUL Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 & DARTH VADER (James Earl Jones) Narrates the Bible

I was stunned when I went into a Lego store last year and saw this on the shelf.  It is the most sinister Christmas product I have ever seen.

I can't even imagine the back story to this item within the Lego Star Wars universe.  What would make Darth Maul put on a Santa hat and hold a little snow globe and be the face of an Advent Calendar?  The purpose of an Advent Calendar is a way to celebrate Christmas by counting down the days until  Jesus' birth.

It's not like there aren't enough cuddly Star Wars characters to choose from. An Ewok would look incredibly cute in a Santa hat.

On a similar note, I was at Half Price books when I heard an older woman ask if they had "James Earl Jones Reads The Bible."  Jones, famous for being the voice of Darth Vader, has narrated the bible.  The woman said that her son might be interested in learning about the bible if he heard it being read by Darth Vader.

I thought the son was playing a trick on his mother but the James Earl Jones bible actually exists.

Is Winter still coming? Season Finale of "Game of Thrones" on HBO tonight!!

Mr. Garrison from South Park breaks it down for you.

2 Vintage Horror Books from Karen Wickliff Books (Columbus, Ohio)

Just found two cool vintage horror titles from a fantastic local bookseller. Karen is friendly and knowledgeable. Her shop has just about anything a reader could want. Highly recommended!!

Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins - A Spooky Search for Miranda's Cat (1974) by Ruthanna Long
Rod Serling's Triple W:  Witches, Warlocks and Werewolves (1972)

I will post reviews.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "The Devil's Laughter" by William W. Johnstone (1992)

SUMMARY: A tedious mess of a book

The hero of the story is a “Marty Stu,” the male version of the stock Mary Sue over-the-top, perfect heroine.  According to the book:  
Link’s problem – if it could be called a problem –was that he could do anything…and do it extremely well.  He just didn't do anything for very long.  He’d been, among other things, a carpenter, a welder, a mechanic, a game warden, a bush pilot, and he’d spent almost eight years with the CIA.  He was also a very good journalist – which he’d set out to be in the first place. 
He is also a book author, vigilante, and an amateur veterinarian.  Naturally, he is a “handsome man in a rugged sort of way.”  That is quite a character introduction. Despite that laundry list of accomplishments, I found the character to be a thundering bore. He is an extremely smug, unlikable, violent, know-it-all. If he has a motto, it seems to be “shoot first and ask questions never.”

It goes without saying that the town of LaGrange, Louisiana needs Link Donovan’s help to investigate a series of grisly murders.  Like Encyclopedia Brown, the police department can’t possibly function without Link’s assistance.

Review continued after the jump.

Batman - Vintage 1983 "How To Draw Super Heroes" (Golden Book 2154) DC Comics Edition

7 Creepy Magazines (Warren)

Look what I found this week!  There was a huge pile of EERIE and CREEPY magazines for sale at Half-Price Books.  I think I got the best of the lot - 4 monster issues and 3 special issues (Jaws, Vampires, Alien Movie).

If anyone wants scans, let me know.

Rummy Tummy inspects the magazines

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REVIEW: Hannibal (NBC) "Entree" - Eddie Izzard as Dr. Gideon (Part 1)

Dr. Gideon returns tonight.  I'm going to re-watch his first episode "Entree".

If you are shocked at the "twist" at the end of this scene, then you are as naive as this guy...

Opening:  ECU on sweaty man lying motionless on the floor.  Pull back to reveal that he is behind bars being watched closely by 5 people (3 officers, 2 orderlies). No one is rushing in to save him.  "This is your final opportunity to comply. On your feet, Dr. Gideon, or we will restrain you." After checking his pulse, they order a gurney.

CUT TO: Dr. Gideon on a stretcher in an empty, darkened infirmary where a solitary nurse is hooking him up to a heart monitor.  Where are the five people who were watching him a moment ago?  They were so suspicious of Dr. Gideon lying motionless his cell, why aren't they suspicious now?

You won't believe what happens next...

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