Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shocking New Attraction at Knott's Scary Farm 2014 Lets You SHOOT ZOMBIES With Your Very Own GUN!!!

Hooray!  Kids with guns.

"Special Ops:  Infected" is a new interactive attraction at Knott's Scary Farm. Per the press release, each new recruit will be armed with a specially designed laser gun. The goal is to "challenge guests to exterminate the infestation of zombies who threaten mankind's existence... Groups must work together to fend off zombies and complete various missions before time runs out."  If zombies get too close, the guns will temporarily deactivate.

It's almost educational entertainment.  The mission is noble - to protect mankind's existence from zombies. Also, you learn the value of teamwork. There is even a stamp of approval from the original park's wholesome farmers and owners, Walter and Cordelia Knott.  Their photo graces the top of the press release (below).  It is almost certain that Walter, who passed away in 1981, would be thrilled that his creation of boysenberry jelly has finally lead to a simulated zombie apocalypse with his name on it.

Walter and Cordelia Knott


Not to be outdone by Walter Knott, Quaker founder George Fox (1624-1691) is working with Rob Zombie on a Halloween attraction where babies are given actual flamethrowers in order to fight off a pack of ebola infected homicidal clowns.
George Fox

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