Friday, May 24, 2013

REVIEW: BEHIND THE CANDELABRA Starring Bugs Bunny as Liberace ("I Wish My Brother George Was Here")

Who the hell wants to see a Liberace movie?  Is there an audience for that?  I am having flashbacks to 1988 when there were inexplicably two Liberace made-for-tv movies competing with each other.  Surely, those two movies are more than enough for a lifetime.

There is some major star power in this movie.  Steven Soderbergh directed it and it stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.  It was made to play in theaters but it was deemed, and this was after the success of Brokeback Mountain, too gay.

                                                                                        Give the guy his dignity!  
I am not denying that Liberace was an excellent piano player and showman extraordinaire but enough is enough. Let the guy rest in peace. 

Which defunct celebrity will get the movie treatment next?  Charo, Jaye P. Morgan, Rip Taylor (the guy who throws confetti over himself), the Kooky Lend Me Your Comb Guy, the San Diego Chicken?

This is the only Liberace movie you ever need to see (below):

Bugs Bunny as Liberace

UPDATE:  Started watching "Under the Candelabra" and only made it to the 29 minute mark.  After a passionate (and extremely sweaty) lovemaking session in bed, Matt Damon's character asked Liberace "How do you stay hard for so long?"  BLECH!!!

Liberace's fan base consists of little old ladies who no not want to believe that he was gay. If one of them has a heart attack from watching this film, the blood is on your hands, HBO.

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