Saturday, May 25, 2013

REVIEW: Hannibal (NBC) "Trou Normand"

Damn it!  I got sucked into NBC's Hannibal again.  After the flesh angels and human cello, I did not want to watch any more episodes.  Don't get me wrong.  I love the actor who is playing Hannibal and I enjoy horror movies but the show is too gory for me.

If I do watch it, most of my time is spent wondering about the small details.

This week featured a totem pole composed (or decomposed) of dead bodies.  When the crime was recreated, there were shots of the killer/artist using twine to tie the bodies together.  The logistics of using twine makes sense on a one pound rump roast but is it sturdy enough to bind 30 dead human bodies to a pole? I highly doubt it.

"Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along.  
No, it is not a totem pole made from dead bodies."
There are elaborate corpse mutilations each week.  You would think that one of the culprits would get sick with some rare disease.  It does not seem sanitary to defile corpses (or, in one case, comatose people) and spend a great deal of time creating performance art out of them.  Something's gotta give.

On a show like House M.D., a patient can contract a near fatal illness just from drinking the quinine in tonic water.  On Hannibal, the main character maintains a steady diet of human flesh and never gets sick. It is true that he is picky about what human flesh he will accept for a meal.  He thoughtfully returned a liver to a corpse because it had liver cancer and was inedible. How was he able to diagnose his meat before preparing it? Could he just eyeball the cancer or did he run tests? 
Why doesn't Hannibal get some disease from toting a cancerous human liver back and forth like he's returning a sweater to The Gap? I can't stand it.

Once again, sorry I watched this show.  Thanks for the nightmares, NBC.

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