Saturday, October 12, 2013

"The House of Frankenstein" Haunted House in Niagara Falls - Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

This is from a haunted house in Niagara Falls.  It was a standard setup - walk through a house and see some scary scenes.  What I did not expect was to be tapped by a glowing green hand at the end of the displays. My friend and I were chased into a pitch black corner and were pleading for our lives.

We finally ran away down a dark corridor and then we tripped when we got to a spongy floor.  To cap it all off, there was a loud shotgun bang (air cannon) by the exit door. I'm just surprised there wasn't an actual guillotine that chopped our heads off once we made it out the door.

I don't ever need to be more terrified than that.  I didn't think they could touch you.  I wanted to go back with night vision goggles (a la Silence Of The Lambs) and karate chop our assailant with the glowing green hand.

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