Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Of The Most SICKENING Halloween Images You Will Ever See!!! Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

Yuck!  Most of these antique postcards treat Halloween as some sort of modified Valentine's Day. To paraphrase the old Reece's Cups ads, keep your Valentine's Day out of my Halloween.

From the lesser known Halloween vegetables (cabbage) to swinging apple kissing games to creepy Campbell's Soup Kids...

Forget The Pumpkin... Here is the Halloween Cabbage 
Mr. Cabbage wearing a classy bow tie and talking about true love.
He's a lover, not a fighter.

The Swinging Apple Game Has Disturbing Sexual Overtones
Bondage, children almost kissing, adults kissing, adding lit candles to the game...

Her hands are tied
Kids almost kissing

Forget the apple...

Let's add a burning candle to the game...

There are a lot of things going on in this picture:
swinging apple game, hand mirror, witch, black cat, laughing moon...

Creepy Campbell's Soup Kids...
Here are a couple of images of the Campbell's Soup Kids to use as comparison:

Here are the creepy (in my opinion) versions: 

All of these images all came from this book: "Halloween: Romantic Art and Customs of Yesteryear" by Diane Arkins.

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  1. A different time, that's for dang sure! What the hell is up with the candle? Masochistic!


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