Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who's Bringing The FLAYED SKIN CHEESEBALL To The Halloween Party? Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

Ho-hum.  There are several recipes for the flayed skin cheeseball.  I think it has lost its shock value. Here is how to take your party to the next level....

Recipe For "Screaming Flayed Skin Cheeseball":
  1. Cut a head sized hole into the serving table.
  2. Get someone to stick their head through the hole and cover their face up with the flayed skin cheeseball. Make sure to have a long tablecloth over the table so no one can see the person under it.
  3. When the first guest gets to the serving table, have the head start screaming.

Seriously!  Would you eat this if you saw it at a party?

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