Monday, October 14, 2013

WTF Items From "The Monsters & Magic Memorabilia Sale" Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

There are some amazing items in "The Monsters & Magic Memorabilia Sale" (see previous posts). It has many pieces of the famous Forrest Ackerman collection.

There are also a few duds.  If you have $1,000 or more to spend on monster movie memorabilia, there are better choices than these pointless, dangerous, or broken items.

Exhibit A: $1,000 for Lon Chaney Sr. Owned & Used (Broken) Fishing Pole!

I understand why this item is being sold because it did belong to both Lon Chaney Sr. and his son, Lon Chaney Jr. who both used it for "recreational fishing" (see description).  Unless the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the Wolfman was seen using this fishing pole in the movies, I think this is pointless.  Also, it is broken with loose wrapping and a missing button. THROW IT OUT.

What's next?  A flat tire from Boris Karloff's car? Vincent Price's used lug wrench? Bela Lugosi's cracked toilet seat?

Exhibit A

Quick Introduction to the Strickfaden Collection

The following WTF items are from the Strickfaden Collection.  In order to put them in context, here is a brief bio for Kenneth Strickfaden (born 1896). LINK:
Horror films of the '30s and '40s would have been far different if not for the work of one man, Kenneth Strickfaden (born 1896), whose flashing, sparking electrical equipment was a highlight in many films depicting advanced science. Originally his electrical work was only a hobby, but as early as the 1920s Hollywood saw the promise of his machines, and he was kept busy at many studios, providing all manner of amazing effects.

Exhibit B: $2,5000 for (Dented) Semispheres From Strickfaden Collection!

Other than being "semi" and a "sphere", what is a semisphere?  What movies featured 5 foot tall ice cream scoops? I can understand the value of a Tesla Coil that was used in the original Frankenstein, but this item seems really unnecessary especially since it is not linked to any specific film.  The vague credential is it is "believed to have been used in films dating back to the 1930's."  Also, one of them has a dent.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C: $2,000 for a Trunk of (Dangerous) Electrical Cables From Strickfaden!

What would you do with this?  It would make an ugly display and be dangerous to use.  I hope no one is seriously considering plugging in these old electrical cables because (according to the same article):
"Apparatus constantly failed due to overheating," he [Strickfaden] once revealed to writer Scott MacQueen. "Most effects did not photograph as expected, or they were eliminated due to electrical failures."

Exhibit C

Exhibit D: $1,000 for a (Carcinogenic) Asbestos Suit Used by Kenneth Strickfaden!

Hello!  Asbestos?  It is a well-known carcinogen that people pay good money to have removed from their homes and offices. Who is going to spend $1000 or more bringing it into their home?

Like the trunk of cables, the question is whether you would display this or wear it.  If you displayed it, I imagine it should be in some sort of special protective casing. Also, it appears to be filthy.

If you plan on wearing it, you are a fool. It would be akin to buying some lead-based makeup from Shakespeare's time and wearing it because of the historical significance. Sometimes junk is junk and toxic substances should be removed as a safety precaution.

Somebody should notify the local health department or hazmat.

Exhibit D

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