Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Universal Monster & Dark Shadows Horror Collectibles At The Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Online Store - Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

Who knew that the online TCM store had monster collectibles?  I don't know that I want to own any of them but it is always fun to look.

My favorite items are the copies of the Dracula ring and the covers of the Dark Shadows model kits.

I can't imagine spending $400 on a Larry Talbot cane replica.  You would have to explain the significance to everyone and I'm not sure they would be impressed.  The description says that there is a limited production of 400 pieces and that there are only 20 pieces available. Did the other 380 canes sell like hotcakes?

Larry Talbot's Cane Replica From "The Wolf Man"

Purchased as a harmless gift in the film, the cane ultimately becomes the instrument of Larry Talbot's destruction. A numbered limited edition of 400 pieces, each Larry Talbot Cane includes a prop story booklet, certificate of authenticity and numbered limited-edition wall-hanging display with plaque. Act quickly, only 20 pieces are available!

Forrest Ackerman's Famous "Dracula" Ring Replicas
Choose between the $35 or $295.95 versions

For more information about the original ring:

Dark Shadows Vampire & Werewolf Model Kits 

"Psycho" Bates Motel Vacancy Sign

"Creature From The Black Lagoon" Latex Mask

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