Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Got $$$$$$$$$$? Christie's Is Auctioning "Unknown Creature - Three Headed Monster" By Shen Shaomin (2002)

Who doesn't dream of having a giant monster skeleton in their house? Christie's is going to auction off this 20 foot long "Three Headed Monster" on October 17.

It is made out of bone, metal, and glue and is on a wooden stand.  The measurements are overall: 59 x 27½ x 263¾in.

The only thing stopping me from snapping up this monster is size limitation.  I live an a small apartment and this would hog the entire living room.

From the overview:
"Fusing these seemingly disparate influences, Unknown Creature - Three Headed Monster is as much a relic of the past as it is a Frankenstein-like creature concocted from a laboratory experiment. This idiosyncratic approach to sculpture as science fiction provides a futuristic backdrop to Shen's processes of making; and the paradoxical slippage between the real and theatrical, futuristic and archaic is what makes Unknown Creature - Three Headed Monster both wondrous and otherworldly."

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