Friday, October 18, 2013

Scary Illustrations From "Devils, Drugs & Doctors" by Howard W. Haggard, M.D. (1946) Countdown To Halloween BlogOWeen

Figure A:  An Indian Brave Hastening Labor

Figure A
Formerly among some of the tribes of American Indians labor was hastened by placing the woman on the prairie and having a horseman ride at her with the apparent intention of trampling her.  Although the rider turned aside at the last moment, the fear inspired in the woman was sometimes effective in shortening her labor.
Holy Heart Attack! I think the raised tomahawk is a nice touch.

This seems like a foolproof plan.  What if a modern doctor tried to scare the woman into labor.  He can run into the pregnant woman's room dressed as Leatherface (from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre") and hoisting a live chainsaw.  If that doesn't hasten labor (or a lawsuit), I don't know what will.

Figure B:  Hospital Patient In Bed With A Corpse

Figure B
Makes your HMO look good in comparison. Couldn't they just put the dead body on the floor?

I can't tell which one is the corpse - they both look dead to me.  Maybe the guy with the hat is alive - he looks pissed off.  The other one is smiling like an idiot (not a natural reaction to having a missing hand and being in bed with a corpse). 

Figure C:  The Wound Man

Figure C
Ouch!  Cue "You Had A Bad Day"...

Figure D:  The Skeletons Of A Medieval Death Dance

Figure D
Or maybe it is a picture of the Olsen twins dancing at a club.

Figure E:  Clubfoot Resulting From Hysteria

Figure E
Hysterical clubfoot is a thing.

Figures F & G:  Exorcisms

Figures F & G

Interesting that exorcisms were a health concern.  I would have put them in a religious category. (This exorcism business might require a separate post.)

Cute retro bookplate from my dad's book

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  1. This was my absolute favorite book as a kid. I relished the vivid, and often perplexing and provocative, illustrations (e.g., "Orange Girls" in the theater. Thanks for this.



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