Thursday, October 10, 2013

Got $20 To Burn? "Chris March's Big Fun" Giant Foam Halloween Novelty Wigs at Target - Countdown To Halloween / BlogOWeen

Ugh!  Target is selling these giant foam wigs.  This seems like a colossal waste of money.  I will grudgingly admit that the Medusa wig is kind of cool.

Why do you need a Halloween costume that can be seen from Google Earth?

If they don't sell, they can donate the wigs to chemo patients or cut up the wigs and use them as a sponge.

At Target, the price range is $15-20.  Some eBay sellers are already trying to sell these at more than double the cost.  I don't understand the price hike because the item is still in the stores.

What jackhole would spend $60 on a "Big Fun Greaser Wig"?

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