Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vintage Halloween Crafts & Parties "Things To Make For Children" (A Sunset Book, 1961) Countdown To Halloween

Vintage Halloween crafts.

My favorite is the "Small Boys Hallowe'en Party" where two of the suggested games now seem dangerous. Imagine having a "Peanut Hunt" at a children's party with all of the peanut allergies.  We are talking lawsuits. What about the "Nailing Contest" where you supply two teams with hammers, a can of nails, and a tree stump? The goal is to see who can pound the most nails straight into the stump.  Good times.

How To Make A Paper-Mache Mask & Wardrobe Ideas For Young Goblins

Fun With Knife and Pumpkin

How To Grow a Hallowe'en Pumpkin Big Enought To Put Little Brother In

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  1. All in good fun, but... a pumpkin big enough to put your little brother in? Ack.


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