Friday, October 4, 2013

WFMU'S "The Horror Compilation" (mp3) More Great Creepy Classical Music and Scary Soundtracks - Countdown To Halloween

Want some more creepy classical music and haunted soundtracks? Here is another Halloween favorite.
Here is a link to WFMU's "The Horror": 

The Accuplaylist Key:
"Song Title" NAME OF ARTIST (Title of Release)

"What Have You Done to its Eyes" KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA (Rosemary's Baby)
"The Storm" WOJCIECH KILAR (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
"Passage 1" BLACK PENTECOST (Funeral Winds In Paradise)
"Utrenja" KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI (The Shining)
"Requiem: Lacrimosa" MOZART (Two Thousand Years)
"Utter Emptiness of the Dusk Fallen Lake" SAD LEGEND (Sad Legend)
"The Hound of Blackwood Castle" PETER THOMAS (Futuremuzik)
"Heartbreak Hotel" JOHN CALE (Guts)
"Bring Out Your Skeletons" LOL COXHILL (Welfare State)
"Who Will Take Granma" WALTER BRENNAN
"Blood Axis" REIGN ONE FOREVER (Sarabande)

"Parzivol" 1314 (Ad Lucem Per Crucem)
"I Will Survive" ANDREAS AMMER, FM EINHEIT AND OTHERS (Apocalypse Live)
"This Island Earth" DICK JACOBS (Horror Music Classics)
"Vamp" JONATHAN ELIAS (Vampire Circus)
"Music for Strings, Percussoin and Celesta" BELA BARTOK
"The Nightmare" GORDON JENKINS (Seven Dreams)
"Albanian Funeral Chant" ALBANIAN CHOIR (Les Voix du Monde)
"The Dogs Attack" JERRY GOLDSMITH (The Omen)
Balinese Monkey Chant (Les Voix du Monde)
"I Love The Dead" ALICE COOPER (Billion Dollar Babies)
"Vampire Hunters" WOJCIECH KILAR (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
"Der Tanz Der Schatten" THEATRE OF TRAGEDY (Velvet Darkness They Fear)
"Taxi Driver Night Piece for Orchestra" BERNARD HERMANN (Film Scores)
"I'll be With You Always" BARNABAS COLLINS (Dark Shadows)

"De Natura Sonoris" KRZYSTOF PENDERECKI (the Shining)
"Second Hallucination" JOHN CORIGLIANO (Altered States)
"Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon" ROBERT ASHLEY (Automatic Writing)
"Dreams of Dark Waters" ENDVRA (Elder Signs)
Battling Carmina Buranas
"This is the Law of the Plague" DIAMANDA GALAS (Plague Mass)
"String Quartet" PENDERECKI (Exorcist)
"Danse Macabre" CELTIC FROST (Morbid Tales)
"Alfred Behind Sledge" KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA (The Vampire Killers)
"Du Trefonds Des Tenebres" ELEND (Umburoun)
"It Came From Outer Space" DICK JACOBS
"Children of the Night" DANIEL LICHT (Vampire Circus)
"Der Hexer" PETER THOMAS (Futuremuzik)
"Dance of Qulielfi" ENDVRA
"Terl, The Security Director" L RON HUBBARD (Battlefield Earth)

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