Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So Long "Bunheads" (ABC Family) and Thanks For the Dueling Tommy Lee Jones Impressions

Who is really surprised that this show about young ballet dancers in a whimsical small town did not get renewed?

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of this show, was also responsible for "The Gilmore Girls" - a watchable (but not funny) yak fest about a mother and daughter in a whimsical small town.  Like Lorelai Gilmore, the main character of "Bunheads", is a motormouth wiseacre.  Sutton Foster, a talented but chinless performer, was extremely grating but there were stunning dance sequences and interesting stories.

This show featured the funniest moment on television in 2013 - the dueling Tommy Lee Jones impressions. Two teenage boys find out that they are both fans of Hope Springs, the Tommy Lee Jones/Meryl Streep drama about an older married couple who go to couples counseling.  It was so charming that these boys were such fans of an unlikely movie.  What was even more charming was their dueling Tommy Lee Jones impressions. They both get so carried away in the end. I could watch this scene a hundred times.

"Hell, yes. I want it.  You bet your life I want it."

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